Lasting Affection

The 2023-2024 Pacific Alumni Association Board of Directors

The 2023-2024 Pacific Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Six alumni volunteers share why they swoon for Pacific

Members of the Pacific Alumni Association Board of Directors share an affection for University of the Pacific that extends far beyond Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s the place where they found their passion or achieved career success. For others, it’s a more traditional love story, complete with marriage and kids. But all who have spent time on campus share a deep connection filled with memories and friendships to last a lifetime. We asked some members about favorite memories and why they give back to Pacific.

Allan Hardcastle ’77 COP, ’79 LAW: I want to give back to the University that has given me so many opportunities and opened so many doors. Favorite moment? Meeting my wife, Vickie Johnson, in a small, intimate, romantic café known as “The Grace Covell Dining Hall” over lunches and dinners.

Karen Nakamura ’77 BUS: Favorite Pacific memories are President Callahan’s address to the Board during my first meeting, and watching the women’s volleyball team win the National Championship. I was a scholarship recipient in college, so now that I'm able, I'm giving back through a Powell-endowed scholarship.

Jillian Hall ’13 SHS: I really enjoy volunteering at the club level and I wanted to deepen my connection and service to the University I love so much.

Josh Foster ’08 COP: I love coming back to campus, seeing the positive changes happening with the University, catching up with new (and old) friends. I look forward to the Faculty Mentor Awards each year; our faculty are all spectacular and deserve recognition.

Leah Myers ’10, '13 COP: I joined the Board because I had such a positive and impactful college experience while I was a student. Everyone made me feel so welcome. I want to serve my school and the community and find ways to provide opportunities for other alumni to get involved.

Heidi Gleason-Doyle ’78 BUS: Many of the friends I met while attending UOP have become life-long friends, and several of the skills I learned here have been invaluable life skills.  It was only natural to want to get reacquainted and get involved. Now that I am 'semi-retired,' I have the time and resources to give back to the place that has played such a big role in shaping my life!

Pamela Gibbs ’92 COP: Favorite Pacific memory is seeing the Alex & Jeri Vereschagin Alumni House being built and participating in the campaign. The Alumni House now serves as a constant reminder to students and alumni that we are always welcome on campus.