Pacifican will get a preview of the future through Bayer fellowship

PharmD student Chance Glaves

Chance Glaves ’18, ’22 has the opportunity to look into the future of pharmacy. He will be embarking on a fellowship at Bayer in partnership with the Rutgers Pharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program. At Bayer, he will be working in the business development and licensing division, which he describes as “the engine of the company that drives the company forward in terms of innovative acquisitions.”

As a fellow, he will investigate new opportunities to present to the deals committee.

“Going into business development and licensing gives you the experience of working in the future of pharmacy,” said Glaves. “One of the goals is to spot new opportunities in the market for Bayer to either partner with or acquire. I will be working with companies developing products consumers probably won’t see for half a decade or more.”

The clinical knowledge and soft skills he gained at Pacific have prepared him to rise to the challenge of adapting to new environments. He also credits his mentors for shaping him into who he is today.

“I will be working with companies developing products consumers probably won’t see for half a decade or more.”

“I’ve had a lot of very supportive mentors over my time at University of the Pacific that have supported me throughout my overall development, both as a person and as a professional,” he said.

While Glaves was an undergraduate student studying biochemistry, Jerry Tsai, PhD, professor of chemistry, helped him explore career paths and encouraged him to investigate pharmacy. Wade A. Russu, PhD, associate professor of pharmaceutics and medicinal chemistry, helped him gain invaluable hands-on experience working in a pharmaceutical research lab. Dan Wadhwani, PhD, professor of business, ignited his passion for entrepreneurship during the master of business administration program. Glaves also counts his colleagues, Nicholas Bolin ’22, Dylan Holt ’22 and Samantha Teshima ’22, among his mentors.

Speaking from experience, he advocates for taking risks.

“Apply to that fellowship program you think you may not get into or apply to that residency that you don’t feel too confident about,” he said. “You might have the best interview of your life and that can lend you the opportunity that you’re looking for.”

At Pacific, he was introduced to the pharmaceutical industry through Pacific Industry Pharmacists Organization and the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy. He served the community as a member of Operation Immunization. Glaves is also a proud member of Beta Theta Pi, Rho Chi and Phi Lambda Sigma.