Who we are

The Innovative Clinical and Outcomes Research (iCOR) team is a hub of cutting-edge clinical research at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy. iCOR provides opportunities for students to collaborate with peers, faculty, fellows and industry pharmacists on high-impact research projects. The team is led by accomplished faculty members who are leading experts in their fields and is supported by an impressive network of successful alumni who are now leaders in industry.

What we do

As trailblazers in the medical device and dietary supplement space, the iCOR team spearheads innovative research projects and clinical trials to deliver consequential findings that impact patient care and the scientific community. We engage in innovative projects which use existing data or data collected by recruiting more than 100 volunteers. We focus on studies which can be conducted rapidly, between six months and two years. Completed projects have ranged from proof-of-concepts to studies validating causality. iCOR conducts research in collaboration with the Fellowship in Industry Program, which includes partnerships with Flow Therapy, Genentech and the United States Air Force.

Where we’re going

Building on extensive research and previous work, iCOR continues to pioneer innovative research through a robust pipeline of ongoing research programs, including research on continuous glucose monitoring devices and enhanced external counter pulsation treatments. Through continuous evaluation of the current industry landscape, iCOR’s research focus stays ahead of the curve. In addition, the team seeks to continue to strategically develop working relationships with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

We strive to advance patient care through innovative research. Our goal is to train students and prepare them to become leaders in the pharmaceutical industry by providing rich learning experiences, leadership opportunities and mentorship.

What started as a passion project for one student to pursue the pharmaceutical industry pathway has grown into a track for students to excel in this arena. As iCOR has grown over the years, the scope of the projects conducted by its members have also expanded. The work of our students, faculty and alumni has been nationally recognized through numerous publications and presentations. Our projects illustrate the classic interplay between science and scientists, a cat-and-mouse game in the pursuit of optimizing human health.

“Pacific has given student pharmacists so many opportunities to gain experience in industry. iCOR demonstrates the impact that pharmacists can have on patients and the communities we serve. I have always felt empowered and supported by our alumni and community. Dr. Shah stands out as a mentor and advocate for industry pharmacists.”

April Nguyen ’16, PharmD, RAC
Regulatory affairs manager at Biogen

Pharmacy alumna April Nguyen ’16, PharmD, RAC
Pharmacy alumnus Sheel Patel ’19, PharmD

“iCOR gave me a glimpse of the life of a clinical scientist and helped me understand the role they play in drug development. My most memorable experience was when my team members and I were tasked to design and execute our own, and my first, clinical trial. The program also gave me the opportunity to rotate through the Travis Air Force Base and Genentech to further build upon my clinical research and clinical pharmacology knowledge. I apply the skills and ideologies I learned from iCOR to this day.”

Sheel Patel ’19, PharmD
Clinical research and drug development fellow at PPD