An incubator for pharmaceutical innovation

The Jie Du Center for Innovation and Excellence for Drug Development promotes innovation in drug development through education, training and mentorship, while fostering collaboration between Pacific students and industrial scientists. Students gain skills in pharmaceutical regulation, entrepreneurship and business to prepare them for navigating the challenges associated with new ventures in drug development.

Dr. Jie Du
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Each year, hundreds of innovative ideas are assessed by investors for their scientific, clinical, regulatory and business merits, as well as commercial opportunities and limits. To prepare students for successful careers, they need a deep understanding of all aspects of the pharmaceutical and health care technology industries. The Center offers opportunities to take one’s scientific and clinical expertise and complement them with the specialized knowledge and skills that are valued in today’s competitive job market.

In addition to Pacific students, programs offered at the Center are open to alumni and scientists currently working in the industry.

We help you develop innovative products for unmet medical needs.


The Center will help the development of innovative enterprise by providing the tools necessary for the integration of science, technology and entrepreneurship.


The Center will enable entrepreneurs to achieve dreams that shape the future health care needs of our communities.

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Upcoming Course
Regulatory Science for Drug Development Scientists

Spring semester | January 3 to March 28, 2023

How does a new drug get approved? Learn the steps in the path to approval of a new drug product. Decode the science behind each stage of the drug development process.

13 Week Course, 2-3 Hours per Week
Class Schedule - Lectures on Tuesdays from 4 - 6 p.m.


Understand the various aspects of drug development and regulatory guidance. Harness the underlying science crucial to each stage of development.

Who Should Attend

Entrepreneurs, scientists, pharmacists, and other health care professionals interested in pharmaceutical development or are seeking to launch their products.

Differentiate IND, NDA, and BLA

Understand the nuances of an Investigational New Drug Application, New Drug Application and Biologic License Application.

Understand FDA vs. EMA

Uncover the differences between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency regulations.

Grasp the different stages of drug development

Deepen your understanding of regulatory guidance at each stage of the drug development process.

Understand in vitro vs. in vivo

Learn the methodologies used for drug release and absorption and how to correlate them.

Contrast drug substance vs. drug product

Understand the stability of a drug substance and of a drug product. Compare the regulations for a drug substance and a drug product. Learn how to establish expiration dates.

Consider immediate release vs. modified release

Describe and differentiate the regulatory guidance on setting specifications immediate release and modified release.

Navigate production

Understand the guidance for formulation, process, scale-up and post approval changes.   

Decode the life cycle management of a drug product

Navigate compliance and regulatory challenges.

Additional courses

Summer semester | week of April 24 - week of July 17

Learn the marketing components and tools necessary when developing a drug, from early development through the formation of a company. Hear real world examples of applying the principles of product, promotion, price, and place. Learn from case studies the differences between in-licensing and out-licensing. Practice working with a team to develop a pitch deck.

Fall 2023 semester | week of August 21

This course demystifies business thinking and translates scientific knowledge to entrepreneurial understanding. Understand the elements of starting a company, developing a business plan, deciphering funding cycles. Introduction to legal, accounting and finance partnerships, and other key components for your entrepreneurial goals.

Fall Semester | Week of August 21st

To educate students and potential entrepreneurs with various aspects of clinical pharmacology in developing a drug, with emphasis on the development stage.


  • Certificate Program (4-12 months)
  • Fellowships (6 months)
  • Workshops
  • Pathway Programs


  • University of the Pacific
  • Incubation Center
  • Additional contract laboratories that provide preferred services


  • Advisory Board
  • Organizations: Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society and Healthcare Businesswomen Association
  • Business plan development and assessment
Dr. Jie Du
$5M gift establishes academic center

Pharmaceutical entrepreneur and Pacific Regent Jie Du ’90, ’93, PhD donated $5 million to establish the Center. The gift was Powell-matched, doubling the impact of Dr. Du’s gift and resulting in a $10 million endowment.

She earned her master of science and her doctor of philosophy in pharmaceutical sciences from Pacific. After a successful corporate career in the pharmaceutical industry, she founded JDP Therapeutics Inc. and served as its president and CEO until it was acquired in 2019. Under Dr. Du’s leadership, JDP Therapeutics created and developed Quzyttir, and eventually obtained approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Quzyttir is a new therapeutic product for acute allergic reactions, the first innovation in that space since 1955.

Meet the executive director

Bhaskara R. Jasti ’95, MPharm, PhD, FAAPS, executive director, directs the establishment of the long-term vision and objectives of the Center to achieve its mission.

Dr. Jasti’s two decades of academic and research experience in innovative drug product development includes serving as director of research and development at Corium Technologies as well as dean of graduate studies and associate provost for research at Pacific.

Bhaskara R. Jasti ’95

The Center seeks the guidance and expertise of individuals across the spectrum of pharmaceutical development. The advisory board members also serve as mentors for the Center’s students and guest scientists.


Christopher M. Cashman | Chairman, MBF Therapeutics, Inc.

Sharon Clarke | Chief Commercial Officer, Zensights

Jeffrey Cleland, PhD | CEO & Chairman, Ashvattha Therapeutics

Bhaskar Chaudhuri, PhD | Operating Partner, Frazier Life Sciences

Bhaskara R. Jasti ’95, MPharm, PhD | Executive Director, Chair | Professor, Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Research, University of the Pacific

Xiaoling Li, PhD | Ex-Officio Member | Professor, University of the Pacific

Shichang Miao, PhD | Vice President, ChemoCentrix, Inc

Sara Kenkare-Mitra, PhD | President, Head of Research & Development, Alector

Miki Susanto Park, PhD | Professor, University of the Pacific

Linda L. Norton ’91, PharmD | Professor, Department Chair, University of the Pacific

Atefeh Rabiee, PhD | Assistant Professor, University of the Pacific

Sanjeev Redkar, PhD, MBA | President, Apollomics, Inc.

Strategic Partners

The Center is working closely with Pharmaceutical & BioScience Society (PBSS) to provide certification programs in drug discovery and product development. PBSS brings together scientists and other professionals in the life science sector. PBSS has over 5,000 members, with organizations located throughout the U.S. as well as in Canada and Korea.

The Center also partners with Morrison & Foerster LLP for intellectual property protection and Meath & Pereira Attorneys & Counselors for business incorporation support.

Student presenting a research poster
Contact Us

Bhaskara R. Jasti ’95, MPharm, PhD, FAAPS
Executive Director, Jie Du Center for Innovation and Excellence for Drug Development
Professor, Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry
Associate Dean of Graduate Education and Research | 209.932.3216