Beach volleyball veteran brings energy, leadership to team


Camdyn Albrecht

The Pacific beach volleyball program will have a new look in 2024 under interim head coach Tiger Shelton, but one significant trait will remain the same—senior Camdyn Albrecht’s ’24 leadership.

“She’s a natural leader, it’s in her blood,” said Shelton, who took over earlier this month. “Being new, she keeps me informed on everything. She’s a hard worker. If she’s not working out, at practice, or in class, she’s in study hall.”

Albrecht is one of two returning student-athletes along with sophomore Josephine Kinlan ’26. Albrecht, who formerly played indoor volleyball, is not unfamiliar with a leadership role under a new coach.

“I was captain of my indoor team (in high school). I was the communicator between the girls and my mom, who took over as head coach. The girls respected me enough, so it worked,” Albrecht said. “There were certain points in my life where I was given that role and coaches would say they could see it in me, but I had to bring it out. I think that led me to where I am here.”

Albrecht got her start in beach volleyball after graduating during the COVID-19 pandemic. With her other sport options canceling their seasons, she decided to go to West Valley Junior College to play indoor volleyball, with the caveat that beach volleyball was a requirement for the indoor team. From there, her love of beach volleyball blossomed.

“While I was playing both indoor and beach for those two seasons, I discovered beach was a lot more fun,” Albrecht said. “I started reaching out to schools for beach and I got a couple offers, but it ultimately led me to Pacific.”

Albrecht joined the beach volleyball program in its 10th year after its inaugural season in 2013. The senior captain now enters her final season playing primarily in the first flight.

"Her consistency on the court challenges us every day to do more and adapt," Kinlan said.

Albrecht took over the main duties of team captain heading into this year. Working closely with her teammates, they established the expectations and foundation needed for the program to take a step forward.

“Last year, there were a few of us who were captains, but the line wasn’t really drawn,” she said. “Now there’s a team standard. We are open with one another and that has worked out really well, building the team’s culture base.”

With the season starting soon, she took it upon herself to be the guiding force for her team and new head coach so they could find success with a highly competitive schedule.

“We have a tough season coming up. The odds are against us, but it's going to be exciting to see what we do with that,” Albrecht said. “I think the new faces on this team can definitely bring that drive to figure things out. I am super excited for what this season will look like with the people on this team this year.”

Albrecht is actively pursuing a sociology degree and is on pace to graduate at the end of this semester.

“I enjoy the classes, learning about yourself and the people around you and why people are the way that they are,” she said.

Beach volleyball begins the season Saturday, Feb. 24 against Utah in Davis, California. The Tigers will play Utah three times this season in addition to other formidable opponents including Arizona and Stanford. See the full beach volleyball schedule.