Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy Fellowships
Pharmacy Practice Fellowship

This fellowship in pharmacy practice requires service/learning experiences in areas of specialization. These experiences distinguish our program from others which only offer the graduate degree. Our graduates develop specialized areas of expertise that position them for successful careers in either the academy or advanced pharmacy practice.

Carly Ranson with PharmD students at a Medicare Part D Outreach Clinic

Fellows are expected to complete six experiences, four-weeks each, over the two-year period. The specific experiences will be determined by the candidate and his/her major professor.

Areas of Experience

  • Clinical Rotations
    • Long Term Care Facility/Medicare D/Geriatric
    • Intermediate Care Long Term Care Facility
    • Acute Geropsychiatric Inpatient Care
  • Pharmacy Administrative Rotations
    • Managed Care
  • Other possible rotations
    • Acute Inpatient Medicine
    • Am Care Practice
  • Academic Rotations
    • Teaching Methodology
    • Assessment
    • Curricular Development
    • Accreditation
    • Service as Instructor (required each semester)
  • Research Component
    • Satisfied by completion of a thesis Master's degree
Department of Pharmacy Practice
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